The Curriculum

Today’s trend toward standardization in our schools is not only taking the creativity and genius out of teaching, it is also driving the creativity and genius out of our children.

I don’t know about you, but I want a creative child, not a “standard” child. I want my child to be the best version of herself. I want her to be internally motivated to learn, and I want her to develop a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.

With that goal in mind, I created the Bilingual Preschooler curriculum: a curriculum that encourages free exploration of materials, concepts, ones self and the world, with an instructional approach that provides freedom for each child to develop at her own rate and in the areas to which she is naturally drawn.

Our curriculum, Bilingual Preschooler, consists of two parts: La guía de maestro (Instructor’s Guide) and Las lecciones de la letra (Letter Lesson Plans).

La guía de maestro details strategies you can use to develop your child’s Spanish literacy (specifically, letter sound and letter naming skills). The Guide also includes considerations for implementing the curriculum and tips for dual language parenting.

Las lecciones de la letra focus on one letter at a time and explain in detail numerous learning activities related to the focus letter that you can use to develop your child’s vocabulary, reading and writing skills AS WELL AS math and science concepts – and overall curiosity about life! Each learning activity, or “work” as it is called in Montessori education, is explained well enough that you can easily implement it, yet leaves plenty of room for you to individualize the learning experience to your child’s and family’s needs. The materials, key vocabulary and extensions for each activity are detailed.

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There is one important thing you may want to know before purchasing the Bilingual Preschooler curriculum: in its pages you will find instructions in both English and Spanish.

All my professional training has occurred in English, so for me, all the educational jargon flows out in English. As a result, La guía de maestro is primarily written in English, as are the “instructional suggestions” at the beginning of each Lecciones de la letra.

Yet almost everything else is explained in Spanish.

This curriculum is intended to develop your child’s Spanish language and literacy through immersing your child in the Spanish language. That immersion only happens if you are providing instruction fully in Spanish. To help you do that, we have provided the details for each learning activity in Spanish. There are many preschool curricula and ideas out there, but with Bilingual Preschooler you won’t have to go through the work of translating. Who’s not in favor of a lighter work load?

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If you find that this dual language approach is difficult to work with, please contact me at Your feedback will help me improve the curriculum for others.


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